I'm Becky. I'm a storyteller who writes stories of what God is teaching me about life. I love a good cup of coffee and listening to people’s stories. I pray that you will be encouraged in your walk with God as you read through my stories…the stories of a small town girl deepening her walk with God. ~Becky

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The Year of 50

365 days ago I celebrated a milestone birthday – I turned 50. Unlike most people who turn 50, I welcomed it, celebrated it, and shared it with everyone around me. Excitement coursed through my veins as I finally arrived at the milestone. However, one year later, another birthday later, the feeling isn’t even close to what I felt 365 days ago. In fact, I’m starting to feel bad about my neck! (Thank you Nora Ephron) Instead of wallowing in the hopeless feeling of turning 51, I decided to look back and celebrate my year of 50. Here’s what happened: July – Yeehaw! I’m 50! Great celebrations as I welcomed in a new decade! I finally got my manuscript out of my head and onto paper (computer file), signed a book contract, and sent the manuscript off for editorial review. Unfortunately, I didn’t anticipate what the review revealed. Feeling completely deflated, I put it aside. September – Pulled out my manuscript and started working on my editor’s notes. For the next four months my computer … read more

Faithful: An Unexpected Journey to Motherhood

Everything was perfect in Becky’s life: a loving husband, a brand new home, and plans to have a baby. Then a doctor told them: “I don’t know if you will ever be able to conceive a child.” In an instant, Becky’s dreams, plans, and optimism were shattered and deep disappointment settled in her soul. In Faithful: An Unexpected Journey to Motherhood, Becky Graham shares her journey as she trusted another Author to write her storyline. By trusting God to write her story—instead of insisting on writing it herself—she saw and experienced God's faithfulness to her. We have all faced detours that threatened to derail us from trusting God. As you read Becky’s brave and vulnerable story, be inspired to embrace the grief that comes with the loss of a dream, overcome your fears when God asks you take leaps of faith, and learn lifelong lessons for staying mentally, physically and spiritually healthy. Your journey may be unexpected, like Becky’s journey, but one thing is for certain: He is always … read more


After publishing the 'Slow to Anger' post, I was contacted by another blogger/speaker to see if she could feature my post on her blog/website.  I was elated!  Then she asked if I had a current photo of myself to go along with my post.  Ummm.... no.  I didn't.  I knew this day would come.  I had to get a current photo of me for the blog.  A photo better than the current blurred photo that I took of myself with my iphone.  I had read about how important an on-line, blogger/speaker 'image' is crucial to how people 'see' you and/or take you serious.  In fact there are articles written about how to project the 'right' image to your reader audience and the importance of 'branding' your image.   So, I knew this day was coming. I'd love to tell you that the excitement of her email matched the excitement of getting my picture taken, but I would be lying.  It was more like the start of an internal panic - I didn't exactly hyperventilate but I wasn't jumping for joy. About 3 weeks earlier I … read more